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Appendix VI.                          I ill

se 2.         Log —^ = *434 9 /j =  '434 x 3* 14 x '6 = '817

and Tn =  2500x6*56 =  16300


-i? = 6-56


/. Efficiency =




ie comparison is —~ or only z of the efficiency of Case i.
"90               o

-^ 5^/5- Pitch-chain Gearing.—The Brampton chain,
g- 975> is much used in motor-car drives. Its construction is
>t dissimilar to types already described, and is only different in
oportion. The links A A are rather thin, but made of tough

A  ^


teel, and the inner edges are rounded to facilitate entrance upon
he teeth. The rollers B, having to stand wear, are of strong
teel hardened, and are as large as possible so as to give a real
inti-frictional advantage. The rivet c is well flattened over by

The Renold chain, Fig, 976, is a very superior chain,
nechanicaUy speaking, It consists of a series of very thin plate
inks A A, this construction being for the purpose of equally dis-
tributing the stress on the pins, and each link is supplied with